Azarmi Law

Our promise

We aim to:

  • be accessible to all of our clients and expect those who work with us at Azarmi Law to adopt the same principle;
  • deal with all correspondence and telephone calls within a short period of time;
  • advise on the areas of law in which we have expertise but where we do not have the expertise e.g. family law, estate planning, property, tax, foreign law advice, we will endeavour to put you in touch with an expert who we know to advise on that area. Where necessary or requested we will manage this relationship for the client;
  • be clear and flexible on costs at every stage;
  • work with a standard of excellence and integrity in mind at all times, always remembering the importance of a matter to our clients;
  • harness the expertise from a network of consultants working from their own locations, thus keeping our overheads and clients’ costs down; and
  • provide the highest quality service in the industry, and in order for us to comply with that standard, we will not let demand exceed supply, to ensure our own high standards are met.
Azarmi Law