Personal & family immigration

Immigration has a critical and life-changing impact on individuals, their families and their careers or businesses. We recognise this in everything we do.

Over the many years of practising immigration law Azarmi & Co has helped numerous individuals and their families to secure a visa and a future in the UK for themselves and their families, often in cases which had failed before being advised by Azarmi & Co.  We have guided clients through the immigration journey from first considering the prospect of migrating to the UK, through to obtaining their visas and eventually settlement and citizenship.   It is a privilege to be able to assist clients to achieve their aims and ambitions for themselves and their families.

  • Azarmi & Co’s immigration solicitors can provide assistance with the following: Advising on all ‘Tiers’ of the Points Based System
  • Helping obtain either temporary or permanent residency
  • Assisting with the extension of visas
  • Helping people bring their family members to Britain
  • Providing assistance for people to appeal refused visas
  • Helping with immigration legislation, such as assisting people in identifying reasons as to why their application should not be refused/residence cancelled

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