Specialist Tier-2 sectors

Tier 2 is a complex area of the UK Immigration system and often falls to inexperienced Human Resource departments to ensure that the company remains compliant.

At Azarmi & Co we have extensive experience of acting for different specialist sectors in the UK economy, often as an internal team member within the HR department to ensure compliance. We handle all aspects of the Tier 2 process and work alongside the existing HR team to ensure that they remain compliant for the duration of their licence. We also train members of the HR department in effectively managing their own SMS and compliance systems and take pride in being able to reduce our involvement within a company as the HR team become fully able to handle the immigration compliance duties.

We have expertise in working  in the following business sectors within the UK:

  • IT & Telecommunications;
  • Engineering & Manufacturing;
  • Care Homes;
  • Marketing & Advertising Agencies and
  • Fashion.

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