Sport immigration

Azarmi & Co provides specialist sports immigration services for both sporting organisations and individual athletes, Each face their own set of immigration legal issues. Individuals wanting to play a professional or amateur sport in the UK individual players are looking for help with their visas. Businesses seek advice on registering as a sponsor or sponsoring a new player.

Azarmi & Co currently has a 100% success rate with Tier 2 applications. We have a reputation for efficiency and attention to detail that enables applications to be turned around in as little time as possible.

Our sports solicitors provide assistance for athletes and sporting organisations by providing legal advice for:

  • Tier 2 Sportsperson
  • Tier 5 Temporary worker (creative and sporting)
  • Sports Visitor Visas
  • Permitted paid engagement visas
  • Sports governing body endorsements

Using our existing network of contacts we can also offer specialist sports advice ranging from the legal ways to set up and manage a team or club, to licensing, sponsorship, insurance issues, tax regulations, employment law, communication with stakeholders and management of player/club procedures.

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